Ancillary Equipment And Applications

Pedestals and Mounting Bases

Pedestals Mounting BasesWhere a processing plant is experiencing problems with gearbox cracking or other failure, the problems can result from the gearbox being inadequately selected for the agitator loading.

However, failure can also be the result of inadequate mounting of the agitator.

Some agitator manufacturers bolt the gearbox directly to the mounting structure with a machined surface bolted to a fabricated structure, stressing of the gearbox casing and feet can occur, resulting in cracking or other failure.

In these instances, AFX can provide accurately designed and machined pedestals and bases to retrofit existing equipment. AFX has had great success in these retrofit’s particularly with a large Gold Plant in West Africa, and a major Platinum plant in South Africa.

Sparge Rings and Air Inductions Devices


The efficiency of large reactors is often dependent on the efficiency of the gas induced.  AFX believe that a successful agitator installation results from the successful combining of all aspects of the vessel design . Agitators, baffles, sparge rings and mounting structure, all contribute to the success of the installation.

AFX have the expertise to design and supply the sparging systems to work effectively in conjunction with the agitator , eliminating the risk of flooding and other process problems.

In specialized applications, where high gas rates legislate against normal ring sparge systems, AFX design systems are tailored specifically to the gas requirement.

Special materials of construction can also be accommodated.

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