Industrial Agitators and Mixers

The AMX range of top entry mixers manufactured by AFX ranges from units as small as 0.25kW to 750kW, for applications in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste and water management and paper industries. The company’s local manufacturing facility was chosen because of its availability of high quality machining facilities, a competent labour force and shipping access to export markets.

Industrial Mixer Applications

Fluid mixing applications are primarily divided into 3 main categories.

  1. Autoclaves and High Pressure Units
  2. Gas Dispersions
  3. Chemical Reactions
Often processes are a combination of all three. However, while flow sensitive applications form 90% of all processing duties, including Leaching, CIP, CIL, Crude oil storage, Pulp Mixing, the section of the market involving the largest agitators is generally gas dispersion. Chemical reactions can require either Flow producing, or Gas dispersing, impellers.

1. Autoclaves and High Pressure Units

The design of Autoclave agitators requires knowledge of the operating condition of the autoclave, the production rate, calculation of the extreme forces acting on the agitator and drive, the limits and tolerances of high pressure mechanical seals, the design of high pressure flanges and the requirements for materials of construction. This knowledge is most useful when it comes from a working relationship between the client and the agitator supplier. AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc. have design programmes incorporating the experience ,gathered over 35 years in the industry, to ensure reliable, well engineered, agitators for High Pressure applications. Pedestals and bearing members are often manufactured in Stainless Steel, a very cost effective alternative to Mild Steel.

2. Gas Dispersion

Gas dispersion applications include: BIO-oxidation processes (Bacterial Leaching) Fermentation and Hydrogenation Iron Removal Cyanide Detox In these processes, large volumes of gas are injected into the vessel/reactor — through some type of dispersion unit, be it a sparge ring or pipe. Impellers for these applications need to be carefully selected to prevent flooding of the impeller, by the air, and to ensure effective dispersion, blending and solids suspension.The mechanical design of these systems is often complex, with the agitators “seeing” large fluid forces and consequential shaft deflection. AFX has extensive experience in the process and mechanical design of these agitators.The impeller of choice is the AFX high solidity P4 impeller, providing efficient operation at high gas induction rates.

3. Chemical Reactions

The processes and reactions with chemical reactions cover a broad scope of mixing requirements such as liquid-liquid, gas - liquid, liquid-solid mixing, as well as various types of batch and crystallization processing applications. Agitator task range from dispersion of liquids, dissolving of gases and solids, basic mixing and blending, co - current scrubbing, homogenizing as well as neutralization. The chemical mixing industry applications are: mixing miscible or dispersing immiscible reactant, dissolving gases, providing plug flow with reaction controlled and washing process, mixing gases in front of oxidation reaction, vapouring liquids in front of oxidation reactors, homogenizing process and product streams for representative sampling, and finally pH adjustment.

Industrial Mixer Types

Top Entry Mixers

Top Entry Mixer Types

Fluid mixing applications are primarily divided into 3 main categories:

  • Flow sensitive applications
  • Gas Dispersions
  • Chemical Reactions

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In Line Mixers

Are specially designed mixers to suit applications where traditional larger scale mixers cannot be utilised. This may be due to space constraints or may form part of a cost saving initiative in a particular plant. In line mixers are inserted into the pipeline structure, w hich allows for continuous process mixing. Typically there are two types, namely: conventional and static.

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Side Entry Mixers

Side Entry Mixer Application

This particular type of mixer is typically found in the petrochemical industry; crude oil and petroleum storage tanks, and some pulp and paper applications too.

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Impeller Equipment

Mixing Technology represents a balance between the requirements of the process and the output efficiency of the impeller.

Impellers used in agitation systems are required to produce three basic fluid regimes:

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Ancillary Equipment And Applications

Pedestals and Mounting Bases

Where a processing plant is experiencing problems with gearbox cracking or other failure, the problems can result from the gearbox being inadequately selected for the agitator loading.

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