What makes us different

There are four main areas in which we provide a product and service, which clearly identifies us as a leading, reliable, manufacturer of high quality agitation equipment.


The use of FEA

Whilst other companies offer this as a paid extra, we carry out this analysis routinely on large projects, as part of our design and supply programme.  Results are readily available to our customers upon request.

Use of mounting bases and bearing members

On large agitator drives, we provide a fully machined mounting base or bearing member.  Often, the agitator gearbox is mounted directly to fabricated beams, stressing the gearbox casing and resulting in premature failure, or stress cracking.
Our mechanical design allows a robust integrated drive, with negligible stress on the gears.

Assembly and Training

We have already identified the requirement for staff training, and advanced assembly procedures.  Accordingly, we provide videos of the method and procedures for safe installation of the agitators into the vessels, exploded views of key components and 3D drawings for all assembly items.  We also provide other animations for training purposes.


Our highly motivated team is highly experienced in most mixing processes and are proud of the quality of our products and reputation.  Key decisions are made with the involvement of our TEAM.


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