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AFX Agitators


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Design and Manufacturer 

Pumps abrasive slurries, corrosive materials, solids and gaseous liquids

Energy Efficient Design

Ideal for High Viscosity or sheer senstive products

Increase Plant Productivity



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Fast Facts


The AFgroup has more than 30 years experience in the engineering and manufacture of mixers, particularly in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste & water treatment, and pulp and paper industries.


The AFgroup has extensive experience in mineral processing, chemical, pulp & paper, water & waste treatment, food & beverage, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production. To date the group has been responsible for more than 1000 successful, major installations.


Using in-house programs for FEA (Finite Element Analysis), 3D drawings & animations, engineering & process design, laboratory testing & modeling and customer on-site training; the AFgroup has raised mixing and peristaltic pumping technology to a new level and will continue to strive to be the supplier of choice.


The AFgroup has a clear focus on developing products that will bring substantial customer benefits. These include a range of peristaltic pumps with flow rates up to 150m3/hr and whole-life operational costs at a fraction of that of competitors’ products.


The AFX  group is committed to delivering quality products to ISO 9001 standards.


Globally, the  AFgroup has serviced and supplied many of the world’s largest plants with mechanical agitators and peristaltic pumps.  The group remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions and is fast becoming the go to supplier of choice.


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