AFX produces all its manufacturing drawings in 3D to eliminate potential errors. Where large, or unusual, components are being designed, FEA is conducted. The analysis combines all the operating loads of the system, allowing the designer to see potential weaknesses before manufacture.

Finite Element Analysis

The application of FEA to our designs allows our engineers to model the combination of loads applied to the components resulting from the rotation of the impeller system, and its interaction with the fluids and slurries. In this way the applied bending moment, torque and thrust can be predicted and accommodated in the design. Where important components carry critical loading, detailed FEA analysis is required. Examples of our FEA applications are shown here.

engineering3    engineering4 

Bearing members often house
mechanical seals or serve to isolate
the gearbox from high bending moments.
Accurate prediction of stress,
movement and deflection is critical.


Mounting bases must accommodate
machined gearbox bases and fabricated
beam structures and prevent twisting and
stressing of gearbox casings-a common
cause of failure of proprietary drivers.



Shaft And Impeller System

engineering2 impeller


shaft impeller system


Weld neck flanges are an area of major stress concentration.

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