Core Competencies


Core Competencies of AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies




image004AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies is a global company and has global fabrication capabilities with facilities in Canada  South Africa and UK - our facilities are able to manufacture equipment to stringent in-house quality standards. 

Major components of the manufacturing process is done in South Africa with highly skilled and qualified welders and fabricatorsThe AFX Holdings group prides itself on the quality standards and efficiency of our manufacturing operations and the support of our trained and motivated staff.

Our facilities are self-functioning and we provide 24 hour international support to any clients around the world. All the employees throughout the AFX Holdings group are well experienced with current training and product knowledge to satisfyand exceed our clientsexpectations.

We are further developing local manufacturing in all facilities and assemble agitators and pumps in house, to high quality standards. . Pumps and Agitator drive parts are sourced locally further attributing to industry standards in North America. We proudly offer onsite technical service and support with a focus on after sales commitment and continued support.


Design and Engineering


AFX Holdings specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of mechanical agitators and peristaltic hose pumps, particularly for those processes where a careful integration of process efficiency and mechanical reliability is required.

Stringent manufacturing and assembly standards allow us to produce large, overhung shafts, in excess of 20m, with negligible run out and high safety factors. The AMXagitator range of top entry mixers manufactured, ranges from units as small as 0.25kW to 750kW, for applications in the mining, petro chemical, pharmaceutical, waste and water management and Pulp & paper industries.

The use of fully machined bearing members and pedestals, the effective use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) during design, and the integrations of gearbox design parameters, ensure a reliable mechanical design.  Accordingly, we have a very high customer satisfaction rate and enjoy continual repeat business.

The AFXpumpseries hosts a range of robust peristaltic hose pumps, including one of the largest pumps of its type in the world. Our 150mm pump has a maximum flow rate of 147m3/hr, and can deliver pressures up to 10 Bar. These units are ideal for thickener underflow application. All pumps are hand fabricated with many material and finish options.


Problem Plants


The AFX Holdings group has replaced many of our competitors’ agitators in a number of large plants.

Using its in-house design and engineering programs for in-depth plant analysis, AFX Holdings makes extensive use of FEA and thermo graphic imaging. A report on the process and mechanical problems are provided to the customers and advice given on the method of solving these problems.  These value-added services have benefited many of our customers at a number of different levels, most notably bottom-line savings.

As a team we can use pilot plants to test the accuracy of the technology being used for a specific application therefore making efficient and effective decisions based on factual information.

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