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AFX Holdings is a privately owned company and is made up of three shareholders – two family trusts and Investec Bank, a publicly traded company. AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc., with its head office in Vancouver; Canada, falls under the AFX Holdings Group.

The group has had extensive growth since 2009 and has doubled its turnover to date. Turnover is expected to further increase during the current financial year.

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AFX Agitators


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Design and Manufacturer 

Pumps abrasive slurries, corrosive materials, solids and gaseous liquids

Energy Efficient Design

Ideal for High Viscosity or sheer senstive products

Increase Plant Productivity



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Fast Facts


The AFgroup has more than 30 years experience in the engineering and manufacture of mixers, particularly in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste & water treatment, and pulp and paper industries.


The AFgroup has extensive experience in mineral processing, chemical, pulp & paper, water & waste treatment, food & beverage, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production. To date the group has been responsible for more than 1000 successful, major installations.


Using in-house programs for FEA (Finite Element Analysis), 3D drawings & animations, engineering & process design, laboratory testing & modeling and customer on-site training; the AFgroup has raised mixing and peristaltic pumping technology to a new level and will continue to strive to be the supplier of choice.


The AFgroup has a clear focus on developing products that will bring substantial customer benefits. These include a range of peristaltic pumps with flow rates up to 150m3/hr and whole-life operational costs at a fraction of that of competitors’ products.


The AFX  group is committed to delivering quality products to ISO 9001 standards.


Globally, the  AFgroup has serviced and supplied many of the world’s largest plants with mechanical agitators and peristaltic pumps.  The group remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions and is fast becoming the go to supplier of choice.


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Our History


History of AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies


AFXMixing and Pumping Technologies Inc. (a division of AFX Holdings) started in 2014 to better service the North American market with their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc. is growing their North American footprint across Canada, USA and Mexico. The start up in 2014 has created success for AFX Holdings and has expanded the AFX Holdings brand world wide.

AFX Holdings is privately owned and is made up of three shareholders - two family trusts and Investec Private Bank (a publicly traded South Africa company) partnership with Shaune Mckinon developed a North American location based in Vancouver, Canada.



In 2013, AFX Holdings partnered with financial giant, Investec Private Bank with to the focus on the company’s future growth strategy, performance, development and reputation with the assistance of Investec Private Bank extensive business support networks, systems and financial capabilities and Industry experience knowledge.

The AFX Holdings Group now consists of multiple divisions the South African organization known as AFROMIX and the United Kingdom

The AFX Holdings Group has vast experience in Africa and throughout the world in all areas of mixing and pumping technology, particularly in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste & water treatment, and pulp and paper industries.

Globally, AFX Holdings group has serviced and supplied many of the worlds largest plants with mechanical agitators and peristaltic pumps. The group remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions and is fast becoming the supplier of choice.



AFROMIX (a division of AFX Holdings), formerly know as Aeromix, has been producing mixing and pumping equipment since 1975. The organization is also responsible for introducing industrial peristaltic pumps into Southern Africa. Initially, brought into the market as small pumps used for metering, dosing, transfer and analysis, the range has grown significantly over the years to include larger industrial pumps ideal for the mining industry.

AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc. has partnered up with distribution / resellers and agents throughout North America, South America and Central America. Proceeding to work on major projects and partnerships with engineering and Mining companies to assist in developing and optimizing more effective and efficient mixing and pumping systems . AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies Inc. currently works with A&A Ingenieria (Mexico), Thursten Machine Inc. (Saskatchewan) while further developing strategic alliances with North American and South American organizations.



Core Competencies


Core Competencies of AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies




image004AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies is a global company and has global fabrication capabilities with facilities in Canada  South Africa and UK - our facilities are able to manufacture equipment to stringent in-house quality standards. 

Major components of the manufacturing process is done in South Africa with highly skilled and qualified welders and fabricatorsThe AFX Holdings group prides itself on the quality standards and efficiency of our manufacturing operations and the support of our trained and motivated staff.

Our facilities are self-functioning and we provide 24 hour international support to any clients around the world. All the employees throughout the AFX Holdings group are well experienced with current training and product knowledge to satisfyand exceed our clientsexpectations.

We are further developing local manufacturing in all facilities and assemble agitators and pumps in house, to high quality standards. . Pumps and Agitator drive parts are sourced locally further attributing to industry standards in North America. We proudly offer onsite technical service and support with a focus on after sales commitment and continued support.


Design and Engineering


AFX Holdings specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of mechanical agitators and peristaltic hose pumps, particularly for those processes where a careful integration of process efficiency and mechanical reliability is required.

Stringent manufacturing and assembly standards allow us to produce large, overhung shafts, in excess of 20m, with negligible run out and high safety factors. The AMXagitator range of top entry mixers manufactured, ranges from units as small as 0.25kW to 750kW, for applications in the mining, petro chemical, pharmaceutical, waste and water management and Pulp & paper industries.

The use of fully machined bearing members and pedestals, the effective use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) during design, and the integrations of gearbox design parameters, ensure a reliable mechanical design.  Accordingly, we have a very high customer satisfaction rate and enjoy continual repeat business.

The AFXpumpseries hosts a range of robust peristaltic hose pumps, including one of the largest pumps of its type in the world. Our 150mm pump has a maximum flow rate of 147m3/hr, and can deliver pressures up to 10 Bar. These units are ideal for thickener underflow application. All pumps are hand fabricated with many material and finish options.


Problem Plants


The AFX Holdings group has replaced many of our competitors’ agitators in a number of large plants.

Using its in-house design and engineering programs for in-depth plant analysis, AFX Holdings makes extensive use of FEA and thermo graphic imaging. A report on the process and mechanical problems are provided to the customers and advice given on the method of solving these problems.  These value-added services have benefited many of our customers at a number of different levels, most notably bottom-line savings.

As a team we can use pilot plants to test the accuracy of the technology being used for a specific application therefore making efficient and effective decisions based on factual information.


Shafts and hubs

Shafts are manufactured to a stringent straightness tolerance of 1mm/metre of shaft length. Often 50% of this is achieved.

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AFX produces all its manufacturing drawings in 3D to eliminate potential errors. Where large, or unusual, components are being designed, FEA is conducted. The analysis combines all the operating loads of the system, allowing the designer to see potential weaknesses before manufacture.

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What makes us different

There are four main areas in which we provide a product and service, which clearly identifies us as a leading, reliable, manufacturer of high quality agitation equipment.


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