Industrial Mixer and Pump Manufacturer: AFX

AFX Mixing and Pumping Technologies specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of industrial mixing and pumping equipment: mechanical agitators and peristaltic pumps. We are qualified with 30 years experience with design programs like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and equipped with ISO 9001 and TUV SUV Certification. We work directly with their customers for their specific mixing or pumping processes, and guarantee the best customer service to simplify your application needs.


AFX Quality & Service

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Extensive Experience

The AFX group has extensive experience in developing the equipment required for mineral processing, chemical, pulp & paper, water & waste treatment, food & beverage, petrochemical & pharmaceutical production.

Currently, the group is credited with more than 1000 successful major project installations in North American, South America, and in Africa.


Better Technology

Using in-house programs for FEA ( Finite Element Analysis), 3D drawing & animations, engineering & process design, laboratory testing & modelling and customer on-site training; the AFX group has raised industrial mixing and peristaltic pumping technology to a new level and will continue being the supplier of choice.

Customer Benefits

The AFX group provides pilot plants or bench plants: small modular industrial systems designed to generate information and improve understanding of particular system behaviours during trial periods. The use of pilot or bench plants enable us to perform test calculations and help make informed decisions regarding current system applications.

Our test facilities help minimize risk and avoid significant capital loss. Our clear focus is on developing products bringing substantial customer benefit.

The AFX Group are committed to delivering quality products with ISO 9001 rated in-house manufacturing facility along with TUV SUV certification.

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